2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hoi Giel, naar aanleiding van je reactie op de komende tentoonstelling in de galerie: Ik kom liever een keer (voor deze zomer) op mijn ghemak eens kijken op je atelier als je dat ok lijkt.
    Tom van den Berge

  2. Are you trying to find effective advertising that has no per click costs and will get you new customers fast? Sorry to bug you on your contact form but actually that was kinda the point. We can send your advertising text to websites via their contact forms just like you’re receiving this ad right now. You can specify targets by keyword or just fire off bulk blasts to websites in any country you choose. So let’s assume you need to send an ad to all the contractors in the US, we’ll scrape websites for only those and post your advertisement to them. Providing you’re advertising a product or service that’s relevant to that business category then you’ll receive an amazing response!

    Shoot an email to for the full details

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